ABDick Digital Platemaster 2340 (reconditioned)
ABDick Digital Platemaster 2340
Easy-to-use control panel has one button operation for all material handling functions.
Simply change the daylight loading cassettes to switch between polyester plates and film.
Self-replenishing plate processor has easy-access, deep tanks that constantly recirculate to extend chemistry life.
ABDick Digital Platemaster 2340
ABDick Digital Platemaster 2340
The DPM 2340 is a powerful computer to polyester plate maker, and is now only available in reconditioned form.
The DPM2340 has the power to transform your prepress operation. Imagine the potential as your platemaking process becomes streamlined and automated. Stop “over-plating” and using high cost materials for all your print runs. With the DPM2340 you have the ability to create the most profitable plate solution to match each individual job.

You’ll be amazed at how little time is required to produce high quality MEGAPRO or PM QuickSilver™ plates with the power of digital platemaking. Both customers and employees will appreciate the high quality and quick turnaround that can be achieved. When you own a DPM2340 you’ll spend less time with production, and more time growing your business.

Quality You Can Pass on to Your Customers

Convenient and easy to use, this digital platemaking technology allows you to handle more jobs with increased efficiency and precision. When imaging direct to the plate, it is reasonable to expect that a better quality of image will be delivered.

There are no intermediate stages as when using film, so you get high quality press-ready materials without the hassle and expense of masking materials and conventional stripping. Less, less time will be spent checking job quality and registration. Overall, a CTP plate will be cleaner and of better image quality, which will provide faster make-ready on press and better quality printed copies.

Precision Image Positioning for your Presses

The Printers RIP includes a unique software feature for plate positioning. Plate size and gripper margin set-ups are included to ensure perfectly imaged and positioned plates, time after time. In addition, the DPM2340 is supplied with a Calibration Manager. This is used to fine tune the output to suit the individual characteristics of each printing press in your shop. These features make this one of the most flexible pieces of pre-press equipment available.

Professional Polyester Plate Materials

Polyester plates have been available for many years, but only recently, since the development of digital platesetters, has this type of plate material become widely accepted throughout the industry for all types of work, including high quality fourcolor process printing.

DPM users have their choice of two premium plate / chemistry systems: MEGAPRO or PM QuickSilver™. Polyester plate material is available in two grades. Both 5 mil and 8 mil provides run lengths up to 25,000 impressions.

Also available is the lower cost 7 mil paper-based material for runs up to 10,000. This choice lets users select the most suitable material for individual presses and print applications.

Choose the Most Suitable Material, Plates or Film

With the DPM2340 you also have the option to produce film without compromising the high dot quality, accuracy or repeatability. This added flexibility allows you to create film for larger presses, longer print runs or special customer requests.

Plates are processed on-line in the DPM’s completely integrated processor. The processor’s shallow path virtually eliminates material jams and scratching. Film, once imaged, is sent to a takeup cassette for off-line processing.


The Digital PlateMaster line is the only direct-to-plate technology that’s backed by the world-class service of A.B.Dick. The market leader in smallformat digital prepress, A.B.Dick has successfully installed over 3,000 DPM systems. For dependability, service, and low operating costs, nothing compares to the DPM2340 from A.B.Dick.
  • Easy to operate
  • 45 plates per hour at 900 dpi
  • Internal drum, 900 to 3600 dpi in 17 discrete steps
  • Accurate ripped image preview
  • Daylight loading material cassettes
  • In-line dual-tank processor
  • Outputs plates and film in sizes up to 14"W x 20"L (356mm x 508mm)
  • Multiple plate medias for different job requirements
  • Accepts PostScript® and PDF files from most computer platforms
  • Harlequin-based software RIP
  • Pentium®-based RIP computer w/ Windows 2000® operating system
Physical Specifications
Dimensions without plate catcher54"H x 45"L x 28"W (137cm x 114cm x 71cm)
Dimensions with plate catcher54"H x 45"L x 41"W (137cm x 114cm x 104cm)
Weight675 lbs. (306kg)
Operating Specifications
Plumbing/VentilationNo plumbing required. Do not install machine in a spray powder environment.
Environmental Specifications30% to 70% relative humidity (RH), 65° to 80° F. (19° to 27° C)
LaserClass 1 Laser Product (Red Laser Diode) According to EN60825-1:1994
CertificationsUL, CSA, CE, FCC
Electrical Requirements180 to 250 volts AC, 50/60 Hz; 20 Amps @ 60 Hz; 16 Amps @ 50 Hz
ReceptacleNEMA L6-20R, US only (must be supplied by customer)
Printers RIP Specifications
TypeHarlequin®-based software RIP
InputAccepts PostScript® and PDF files from most computer platforms
Fonts35 standard fonts, additional fonts downloadable, font management
Rip StationIntel® Pentium® processor, Windows 2000®, 10/100baseT Ethernet® card, ultra wide differential SCSI, monitor, keyboard, mouse
Output Specifications
Plate Media Size133/8"W x 20"L (340mm x 508mm)
Film Media Size14"W x 20"L (356mm x 508mm)
Minimum Media Size9"W x 12"L (229mm x 305mm)
Image Size Maximum w/ Plate133/8"W x 191/4"L (340.3mm x 489mm)
Image Size Maximum Film14"W x 191/4"L (356mm x 489mm)
MediaProvided in a 200' (61m) roll in widths from 9" to 133/8" (228mm x 340mm) for plate and 9" to 14" (228mm x 355mm) for film
Plate MaterialsMEGAPRO 7 mil paper, MEGAPRO 5 and 8 mil polyester, MEGAPRO 8 mil matte back polyester, PM QuickSilver™ 5 and 8 mil polyester
ChemistryMEGA® Activator and Stabilizer, QuickSilver™ Activator and Stabilizer
Film MaterialRapid Access Film
Imaging DeviceInternal Drum, 900 to 3600 dpi in 17 steps
Spot Size10 to 30 µm
Internal ProcessorIn-line dual-tank processor with temperature control, recirculation and filtering; 5.5 gallon (20.8 liter) volume each tank with gravity-fed replenishment system
Productions Speed45 plates per hour at 900 dpi; 38@1200 dpi; 28@2400 dpi; 22@3600 dpi
Repeatability+/-.0002" (.05mm)
Optional Accessories
Offline Film Kit (PCN: OLK2340)Take-up cassette and cassette adapter for transporting film media to offline processor; 32' (9.7m) capacity. Req’d for film output.
Reloadable SupplyMedia cassette for feeding media into DPM
Cassetteprior to imaging. Uses MEGAPRO RF format (PCN: SUPCST2340) or PM QuickSilver™ plates. 1-Roll capacity.
Additional Information
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