ABDick 9985 Two-Tower Offset Press
ABDick 9985 Two-Tower Offset Press The 9985 comes with a handoperated punch. Upgrade to the high-precision optical punch (shown) for highly accurate results.
The 9985 press features two easily accessible individual printing heads. Dampening, inking, image transfer and paper feed are controlled by a single automatic lever.
Straight-edge plate clamps with positioning pins are featured.
ABDick 9985 Two-Tower Offset Press
ABDick 9985 Two-Tower Offset Press
Suitable for spot, multi and process color printing, the ABDick 9985 is a true twocolor offset press equipped with an array of features that simplify operation and consistently deliver high quality output. Excellent reproduction can be achieved with a minimum of operator skills.
A built-in micro-computer provides centralized push-button control of many press functions. A single lever controls dampening, inking, image transfer and paper feed. At the end of a specified run length, all machine functions are automatically returned to the start position to maximize productivity.

Fine adjustments can make a noticeable difference in print quality. The 9985 allows precise adjustment of the vertical image. Blanket cleaning is not required after vertical adjustment reducing make-ready time. Lateral image adjustments can be made ‘on the fly’—another time-saving feature.

The printing heads feature a unique V-shaped, five-cylinder design that incorporates two plate cylinders and two blanket cylinders. Separate blanket cylinders ensure there’s no ink migration for consistent color throughout the run. A double surface impression cylinder allows two colors to be printed without a gripper change to ensure tight registration. A separate transfer cylinder promotes accurate paper registration.

The alternate side-to-side push guide allows paper to be registered to a common edge when printing on both sides of the sheet—perfect for work-and-turn jobs.

Twelve suction feet combined with air blowers on the paper pile ensure accurate feeding at low to high speeds with stock ranging from onionskin to cover weight.

Double sheet detection/elimination automatically diverts doubles to a receiving tray without interrupting the press run.

9985 presses are equipped with segmented lever-actuated ink fountains. Split segments are laser cut into the ink blade so that each region operates independently against the fountain roll. This results in more precise ink control in each zone.

Calibrated setting numbers provide a good starting place for ink densities. Graduated levers make it possible to quickly profile the current ink supply; and by raising or lowering the levers, an operator can easily make adjustments to the flow of ink for better color control and image consistency.

This system interfaces seamlessly with the optional IKE software for ABDick DPM digital platesetters. Each printing head has 16 inking rollers including 3 form rollers of differing diameters. The ‘stepless’ inking and 5-roller molleton dampening system allows maximum control of the printed image.

Ink Key Estimator (IKE) significantly reduces make-ready time by estimating ink fountain key settings for first-run print jobs—before a single sheet has been run through the press. It allows you to get the best coverage using the least amount of ink which promotes a high quality image with less set-off and faster drying times.

IKE analyzes the light and dark areas in each process color separation of a job, and based on the image data, estimates the appropriate fountain settings for each ink key region. The data is delivered on a print-out (right), which the operator uses as a guide while manually setting ink keys on the segmented lever-actuated ink fountain. If adjustments are made during the run, the new values can be noted and saved with the job information for quick, consistent re-runs.

IKE, which works only on a DPM RIP, also determines the optimal ink fountain roller sweep (duration ink is applied) that controls the overall ink densities.
  • Impression cylinder pressure control
  • Ink roller cleaning attachment
  • Register punch with pre-register system (manual hand punch)
  • Automatic ink ductor control
  • Ink volume stepless sweep adjustment
  • Plate cylinder predetermined position stop
  • Centralized microprocessor control
  • Double sheet detector/eliminator
  • Jam detection (feeder, blanket and delivery sections)
  • Alternate side-to-side push guide for work-and-turn applications
  • On-the-fly lateral image adjustment
  • Precise vertical image adjustment
  • Pre-pile capability w/2 paper tables
  • Chain delivery with 2 dollies
  • Delivery pile automatic receding stacker and lower limit switch
  • Static eliminator on feeder
  • Anti-offset powder spray unit
  • Preset repeat counter with batch function (electronic, 5 digits)
  • Machine counter (total number of rotations, 8 digits, non-resettable)
  • Emergency stop buttons (at each printing unit and delivery sections)
  • Safety covers
  • Cylinder safety bars
  • Centralized lubrication system
  • Oil pans (2)
  • Standard tool kit
  • Work organizer
  • Blanket wash plunger can


  • Infrared/powder spray 220V, 50/60Hz
  • Powder spray 110V
  • High precision optical punch
  • Video register punch
  • Card guide
  • Multi-size paper pile board
  • Quick release blanket holders
  • Automatic blanket cleaner
  • Register marking device
  • Print counter (8 digits, non-resettable)
  • Kompac dampener with Kolormate (2 units)
  • Crestline dampener (2 units)
  • Tape inserter
  • Super Blue cylinder
  • Oil pan
Maximum Paper Size13-3/8" x 17-3/4" (340 x 451 mm)
Minimum Paper Size3-1/2" x 5" (89 x 127 mm)
Maximum Im age Area13" x 17-1/4" (330 x 438 mm)
Paper Thickness.0016"–.012" (.04–.3 mm)
Plate Size13-3/16" x 19-3/32" (335 x 485 mm)
Plate Clamp TypeStraight edge plate clamp with register pins
Gripp er Margin5/16" (8 mm)
Printing Speed3,000–10,000 Sheets per hour
Paper Feed SystemUniversal feeder (12 suction feet)
Feeder Pile SystemPre-pile, capacity 17.3" (440 mm)
Paper Delivery SystemChain delivery, capacity 20" (508 mm)
Regist ration SystemPush side guide
Vertical Image Adjustment(precise): ± 0.75" (± 19 mm)
Lateral Image Adjustment(on-the-fly): ± 0.08" (± 2 mm)
Dampening SystemMolleton, segregated
Ink Rollers16 (3 form) (each tower)
Dampening Rollers5 (1 form) (each tower)
Dimensions (LxWxH)86-3/4" x 38" x 61-1/2" (220 x 96.5 x 156 cm)
Weight2780 lbs.(1260 kg)
Electrical RequirementsSingle Phase, 220V, 12 Amp; 50/60Hz
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